[Guide] Mod Installation – Blade & Sorcery

This guide is quite helpful for those who would like to install mods in Blade & Sorcery.

Mod Installation in Blade & Sorcery (Step by Step)

  • Right-click on Blade & Sorcery and choose “properties“.
  • Select “Browse local files” from the “Local files” menu.
  • Navigate to BladeAndSorcery_Data > StreamingAssets > Mods (This is the folder where you’re going to install the mods). Keep it open in the background.
  • Launch Google Chrome and go to http://nexusmods.com/bladeandsorcery. (You’ll need to login your account in order to download files from this page).
  • Choose your favorite mod, left-click on it, select “manual,” and then download it. (Remember: The mod that you’re downloading must be compatible with your game version).
  • Go back to “Mods” folder.
  • Extract downloaded mod.zip file in it.

That’s all.

If this mod installation guide doesn’t work for you, please tell me in the comments section so I can update it.

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