[Guide] How to Unlock Debug & Developer Menu – Sonic Mania

In this guide, you’ll learn how to unlock debug & developer mode in Sonic Mania by step by step.

Developer Mode

Get into Sonic Mania’s developer menu.

  • Locate Sonic Mania in the Game Library.
  • Right-click it, and navigate to Manage > Browse local files to go to Sonic Mania installation folder.
  • A file called Settings.ini can be found in this folder. Open it with any text editor (If you couldn’t find that file, relaunch Sonic Mania and check again).
  • Look for the line that starts with “[Game]“.
  • When you find it, go to next line and add “devMenu=y” code.
  • Save the file.
  • Launch Sonic Mania.

Now you can open Developer Mode by clicking the Escape.

Debug Mode

  • Go back to Developer menu.
  • Select a level by going to Stage Select > Presentation > Level Select.
  • Press Q key from the keyboard to enter Sonic Mania debug mode (I assume that you have selected the level).

Developer mode and Debug mode are unlocked now 🙂

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