[Fix] Unmountable Boot Volume Error – Windows

windowsAn Unmountable Boot Volume error is a frequent error that occurs with certain versions of Windows Operating systems. The error itself can’t be ignored as a PC is rendered useless when it occurs.

Symptoms of an Unmountable Boot Volume Error

Before an actual Unmountable Boot Volume error does occur a computer will likely slow to a crawl. This is followed by a big blue screen that has the dreaded Unmountable Boot Volume error message stating that Windows is being shut down to protect the computer from any further damage. At this point your PC is useless until repaired.

Causes of an Unmountable Boot Volume Error

While the cause of this error could be a virus, it is more likely that it is just due to everyday use of a PC that hasn’t been taken care of. Without proper maintenance the system’s registry can easily become corrupt and after being ignored for too long, even everyday use can cause the Unmountable Boot Volume error to occur.

Fixing an Unmountable Boot Volume Error

An Unmountable Boot Volume error is unfortunately a hard one to fix. However, if you have your Windows installation disk you can attempt to reinstall your operating system.


  1. Insert installation disc into the computer.
  2. When the welcome screen appears, hit the R key for the recovery mode with a DOS prompt.
  3. Type chkdsk /p and hit Enter.
  4. Allow the process to run.
  5. Type fixboot and hit Enter.
  6. Type the Y key when asked Yes or No.

Type exit and press Enter for computer reboot.

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