[Fix] “Unable to load ifm.dll” Error – Source Filmmaker

 Unable to load ifm.dll error occurs when launching Source Filmmaker. This means your C++ editions are corrupted or incompatible with Source Filmmaker tool. I will show you how you can fix this error in this post.

I assume that you already have C++ dependencies installed. If not, this is the reason why you get Unable to load ifm.dll error. If you already have installed and still getting this error, then something is wrong with installed C++ dependencies in your pc.

Fix 1: Repair C++ dependencies

You can fix that by reinstalling or repairing C++ dependencies. To do this, follow these steps below;

  • Navigate to Source Filmmaker installation folder (Usual location: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonSourceFilmmaker).
  • Then go to “_CommonRedistvcredist2010“.
  • There are a lot of executable files inside “2010” directory. Run all of them and repair C++ dependencies.
That’s all. “Unable to load ifm.dll error” is gone. After you perform these operations, make sure you did not miss anything. After that, restart your computer and Launch Source Filmmaker again.

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