[Fix] tcpip.sys Error – Windows

windowsAnyone using a Windows operating system can fall victim to a tcpip.sys problem, which unfortunately is usually related with the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. When this error occurs files can be lost and the PC in question will usually shut down.

Symptoms of tcpip.sys Errors

A machine that functions erratically is usually the first sign of a tcpip.sys error. After some time the Blue Screen of Death will likely be a result of the error which is exactly as it sounds. The computer will suddenly freeze up and the screen will go blue with a long string of error messages on screen.

Causes of tcpip.sys Errors

Corrupt files are most often the cause of tcpip.sys errors that can lead to the Blue Screen of Death. Because the tcpip.sys is a system file, it leads into other files within the operating system and can cause plenty of chaos on the system as a whole. The corruption in question is often malware or a virus.

Fixing tcpip.sys Errors

One of the most basic solutions to fixing a tcpip.sys error is making sure that only one anti-virus program is installed on your computer. While sometimes more is better, in the case of anti-virus software, one is what is desired and ideal. Many have reported that after conducing this simple fix the problem was resolved with a quick anti-virus scan. Therefore, conduct the following:

  1. Search the PCs program files for any and all anti-virus programs, including any free trial versions that came with your computer.
  2. Choose which one you will keep.
  3. Uninstall each anti-virus program that you are not electing to keep.
  4. Once all uninstalls are complete, restart your computer.

Run an anti-virus scan of all system files.

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