[Fix] Fatal error access violation detected – Starbound

 If you’re constantly experiencing a Fatal error access violation detected error in Starbound, don’t worry about it, because in this post I’ll tell you how to resolve this error.

Fix 1: Enable compatibility mode for Starbound

  • First, you need to go Windows Explorer.
  • Navigate to Starbound installation folder (Mostly “SteamSteamAppscommonStarboundwin32“).
  • You’ll see there is a executable file named “starbound.exe“, right-click on it and go to its Properties.
  • Switch to compatibility tab.
  • There is a checkbox named “Run this this program as an administrator“, check it.
  • Enable compatibility mode and select one of the old versions of Windows. Generally Windows 7 works for most people. But if it did not work for you. You can select Windows 8 or earlier versions. Try all of them.
  • Do the same processes for “starbound_opengl.exe” and “launcher/launcher.exe“. They are inside the same directory with “starbound.exe“.
That’s all. I believe this will fix your “Fatal error access violation detected” problem in Starbound. You can launch the game to test it.

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