[Fix] “error while generating map” – RimWorld

rimworld“error while generating map” occurs in Rimworld when one or more of the mods that you installed are broken. In this this post, you’ll learn how to fix this error.

This is the full error message:

An error occured while loading a map. See error log for more information“.

Fix 1: Disable RimWorld mods

First you have to find out which game mode prevents the map from loading. Follow these steps;

  • Close RimWorld.
  • Disable mods one by one and try to launch RimWorld everytime you disabled a mod until error message is gone.
  • If you manage to find the broken mode, delete it completely and reactivate disabled mods again.
  • Launch Rimworld.

“error while generating map” message will be gone after this. You can play RimWorld without any problem 🙂

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