[Fix] Error: “D3D init failed” – Ring of Elysium

“D3D init failed” error occurs in Ring of Elysium when something is wrong with your game files or DirectX is missing.

Fix 1: Contact Developers

Ring of Elysium developers help players to fix “D3D init failed” error. You can easily help them understand your problem by sending the error file (dxdiag.txt).

Follow these steps below:

  • Press OK if you still see the error.
  • Open Steam client.
  • Type “Ring of Elysium” in the search bar.
  • Right-click on RoE and press Properties.
  • Go to Local Files tab to go Ring of Elysium game folder.
  • Copy “dxdiag.txt” file.
  • Go to your gmail and send this error file to “[email protected]“.

That’s all. They will contact you shortly to inform you about “D3D init failed” error.

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