[Fix] “Critical error” at startup – POSTAL 2

POSTAL 2 players are getting “Critical error” when they try to launch the game. Although this is a quite an old problem, it has still not been fixed for a long time. Don’t worry, there is a workaround for it. In this post, you’ll learn how to do it.

This is the full error message:

An error has occurred. If this is the first time you’ve received this error, try loading a previous save file. If you continually get the same error, submit a bug report and/or check the Support Forums for assistance.

You get this error because your screen resolution settings are stored incorrectly in “postal.ini” file. So you’ll need to set them manually.

Fix 1: Set POSTAL 2 screen resolution settings manually

Follow these steps below:

  • Navigate to POSTAL 2 installation folder (Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\POSTAL2Complete\).
  • Open “System” folder in it.
  • Edit “postal.ini” file with notepad.
  • Look for “WinDrv.WindowsClient” line.
  • Then change FullscreenViewportX=”Your screen width” and FullscreenViewportY=”Your screen height“.
  • Save file and exit.

There you go. This should fix “critical error” in Postal 2. Don’t forget to thank me later 😛

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