[Fix] Connection timeout – FileZilla

There are several ways to fix Connection timeouts in FileZilla:

Fix 1: Increase the “Timeout in seconds” number

If your connection is too slow, you need to increase “Timeout in seconds” setting in Filezilla to fix Connection timeout error.

To do this:

  • Open Filezilla.
  • Go to Edit > Settings.
  • Choose Connection.
  • Increase the number of “Timeout in seconds” field (It must be 2x higher than default).
  • Save settings and exit.

Fix 2: Enable “Send FTP keep-alive command”

If the connection times out only when transferring large files, it’s possible that a server somewhere between your local machine and the remote server is wrongly configured, marking the command channel of the connection as “idle” and closing it. This is a misconfiguration that can be resolved by submitting a support ticket to the owners of the server.

  • Open Filezilla.
  • Go to Edit > Settings.
  • Check “Send FTP keep-alive command” box.
  • Click the OK button.

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