FINAL FANTASY XIII Stuttering Problem Fix

 If you’re having Stuttering Problem while playing FINAL FANTASY XIII, you’ll learn how to fix it in this post. I can’t guarantee that this is a %100 solution, but it works for most cases.

Fix 1: Set high priority

  • Launch Steam application and start FINAL FANTASY XIII game.
  • Wait or Skip the intro. 
  • When you’re at the main screen where you can see a big “FINAL FANTASY XIII” title, press Alt + Delete keys simultaneously to open the Windows Task Manager (Keep it in your mind, you should not close the game!).
  • Right click on a random process and click details.
  • On details tab, you need to find “FINAL FANTASY XIII” process name which is usually “ffxiiimg.exe“.
  • When you find it, right click on it and set priority from normal to realtime.

By the setting the priority from normal to realtime, you’ll allocate all of your cpu cores for the game and there will be no stutter anymore 🙂

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